4 Responses to How to Access a Remote Computer Even If It’s Shut Down

  1. Nishant says:

    So are you saying after I set this up, I can access while my pc is shutdown but just connected to LAN?

    • nejafp says:

      Yes. When you have met the following 4 requirements, you can access your PC even if it’s shut down:

      • The computer has Wake-on-LAN enabled.
      • The computer is on a wired network.
      • At least one other computer on the network is online and running remote access software.
      • Wake-on-LAN is enabled in the remote access software.

  2. maarten says:

    hello if tried every thing but cant go on my pc when its shutdown

    • nejafp says:

      Hi Maarten,

      I advise you to request free live support by our technical support team. Visit http://www.islonline.com, click CHAT WITH US pop-up window in the right bottom corner and our friendly tech professionals will be glad to offer you help.

      Kind regards,

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