12 Responses to How to Access a Remote Computer Even If It’s Shut Down

  1. Nishant says:

    So are you saying after I set this up, I can access while my pc is shutdown but just connected to LAN?

    • nejafp says:

      Yes. When you have met the following 4 requirements, you can access your PC even if it’s shut down:

      • The computer has Wake-on-LAN enabled.
      • The computer is on a wired network.
      • At least one other computer on the network is online and running remote access software.
      • Wake-on-LAN is enabled in the remote access software.

  2. maarten says:

    hello if tried every thing but cant go on my pc when its shutdown

    • nejafp says:

      Hi Maarten,

      I advise you to request free live support by our technical support team. Visit http://www.islonline.com, click CHAT WITH US pop-up window in the right bottom corner and our friendly tech professionals will be glad to offer you help.

      Kind regards,

  3. matt says:

    This information is false, this only works when computer is in SLEEP mode.

    • nejafp says:

      Hi Matt,

      thank you for your comment. In our experience and in experience of our clients, it usually works if you follow the steps provided in the article. If you are having troubles accessing your remote computer, could you please come to our live chat (http://www.islonline.com/)? Our friendly support guys will be happy to help you with any issues.

      Kind regards,

  4. Raju says:

    I need without internet connection remote access controller this software is their?

  5. A.A. says:

    Do I need a static IP to do all of this?

  6. kiron says:

    I need to access my pc from my Windows phone/android or another pc. Just I need to know if I follow your given requirements then is it possible? Do need any vpn for accessing?
    Pls not, I am familiar with pc remote server/software?


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