5 Uses of Remote PC Access for Enhanced Productivity

In the course of a normal weekday, I have many files I need to access. As such, I don’t necessarily keep all these files in one central location simply because it’s not possible for me to do so. While I’m at work, I use separate computers at home and office. Too many files to deal with and at least two different computer systems I work on – so, how do I possibly retain my sanity and work with all these  files? Naturally, I use remote PC access.

The software I use is really easily installed and afterwards, I can access the computer and remotely work on it from anywhere just by logging in my web account and clicking ‘Connect’. Off the top of my head, here are at least five uses of remote PC access to enhance productivity:

Less number of systems = less expenditure
Think about it: one computer with an Internet connection and you are ready to work. As a result, expenses to set-up office and equipment drop drastically. I know a friend who bootstrapped his start-up this way. One laptop computer with a remote access license for multiple users – for his virtual team – and off they went working. No steep expenses for an office building and its interiors, parking space, and air-conditioning.

Seamless access to computing systems
If you are working from home and you realize that the software you use on your PC is a few versions older than the one currently in use at the office, what do you do? What if your email lists, contact lists, and files with critical information are on the computer at office and not on your personal laptop? That’s why remote access is a boon simply because it allows seamless access to any computer, anywhere in the world (your office included).

Work from anywhere, really
If your employer allows you to telecommute for as long as you want or if you are a web-worker who can work from anywhere, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a single laptop and an Internet connection but still work as if you were sitting in a large corporate office? Remote PC access makes you a location independent professional and you can sit anywhere you want but still connect to the resources at your main office, correspond with your colleagues, and collaborate with your team. When I travel, I can’t imagine a day without such ease of access.

The show will always go on
There are days when offices have to close down due to a sudden holiday, a freak storm, a nation-wide strike, accidents at work place, etc. If you have to work on those days, it’ll hit you hard. Thanks to remote access, you can now work from home (Or from wherever you are). The show will always go on and that’s good since your work won’t suffer.

Freedom from crisis
Consider this: A colleague is stuck in an airport because no flights are headed out due to a heavy snowstorm. However,  a file has to be sent to a client. She’s nervous because the file is in her office system. I promptly log-in to her system (using the information she shares with me) and email the client on my friend’s behalf. Problem solved.

With a remote access product like ISL AlwaysOn–  you have complete freedom from crisis. Unless you really can’t work on a particular day, nothing can stop you. Server crashes, corrupt files, hacked networks, compromised software, crippling virus attacks and all other usual operational problems – the ones that sprout up wherever computers are — can’t affect you.

What are your thoughts? We would love to hear from you so please do feel free to comment.

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