3 Responses to Technology behind turbo desktop sharing

  1. Bjorn Leenen says:

    What I wonder, and is not mentioned in this article, is the difference in CPU-usage on the remote machine. I think that the response of the other machine is also important, since ISL products are not mostly used to view video streams over the web on a remote machine (in The Netherlands at least). ISL Products are used for remote support most of the times.
    What also is nice to know is, will the ISSC be used for products as ISL Groop too? When I do webinars, I’d like to show some video’s I made (maybe) and this might be possible in a fluent way, when I just share my desktop and play the video on my machine, instead of sharing it via the files in there.
    I must say: kudo’s to the development, since the quality is indeed improved in a positive way!

    • Damjan Pipan says:

      ISSC uses more CPU as ZRLE as it makes JPEG and ZRLE encoding each time, but the process is optimized so it is quite low on modern CPU. So high speed setting also brings lower CPU usage – as we use only ZRLE. ISSC is not used just for viewing videos, but will excel also in cases where you have graphics on remote screen – CAD applications, photoshop or just opening a folder full of pictures.

      CPU usage on single core computer is limited to 45%. Most of the CPU usage usually goes to process of grabing screen updates and detecting changes. On dual/multi core computers CPU usage in kernel time is limited to 50%.

      On most modern CPUs new ISL Light uses less than 10% of total CPU power.

      ISSC adapted for multicast is also prepared and will be implemented in ISL Groop with advanced bandwidth management (lossy protocol) – so it will make screen sharing in ISL Groop very flexible and probably preferred way to share content.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Great reading your blogg post

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