ISL Groop: Collaborate To Manage Teams Better

With teams you always achieve more and I am a true believer in working together heading towards a common goal. However, it’s not easy to create sustainable teams. Over the years, I’ve realized that effective teams need a way to manage these complex tasks and share work quickly and easily.

An article titled Why Choose a Web-based Project Management Solution? – Published on Infoworld, concludes that massive project failures are a result of lack of effective team collaboration.

So, how can you work with diverse teams towards common objectives?

Getting Started, Installation & Set-up
ISL Groop is usually used as a SaaS application (Available with pay-as-you-go or a 1 year recurring subscription) which works completely on the Internet. There’s no installation required. When you login, the screenshot on the right shows your work area. You may invite other team members through email.

Start a meeting for others to join. Alternatively, you can also create a webinar or a presentation that others could follow.

Feature sets, settings & tools
Import or export files, share your screen, enable audio or video, host presentations, and chat with your team.

Would you like to show a clipboard image or a screenshot? Make these items show up on your work area for others to see.

Do you have files you’d like to share off your computer’s disk drive or an external hard drive?

When files are imported, they would show up as shown below:

Performance & ease of use
ISL Groop’s latest version 2.1.0 brings a host of improvements to the table: such as enhanced audio quality and the push-to-talk facility has been trashed; a brand new and usable conference layout while you can now show video over a full-screen; Groop has automatic video/audio device detection and even suggests the best device for use.

Connection quality, speed and ease of use: While using a broadband connection of 2 MBPS, the file transfer was quick, video streaming off the integrated webcam and the clarity of audio were flawless.

Ease of usage & Security: The application is by far one of the easiest online project collaboration/meeting tools ever. When collaborating with your team, use the various annotation features, freehand drawing tool and arrows for better clarity. Windows automatically sets the screen resolution and colours for optimum performance. AES encryption standards and SSL layer provide maximum security allowing you trouble-free sessions with your team.

As a part of ISL’s All-In-One product bundle, ISL Groop is critical for you to manage teams and collaborate easily. It also helps for training, editing documents, briefing and de-briefing teams, sharing files, communicating effortlessly and planning for work. If saving time, enhancing productivity, herding the team with an undeviating focus is on the top of your mind, a tool like ISL Groop could easily prove to be a boon.

Have you tried ISL Groop yet?
Please share your thoughts, views and comments here.

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