6 Tips For Presenting Virtually Like a Pro

Delivering stellar presentations offline is one thing; but giving effective presentations online using web-conferencing software is another ball game altogether. Using ISL Groop, for instance, effective presentations can be delivered to any individual or group in the world. Here are some tips to help you present virtually like a pro:

Plan your presentation and invite users: While web-conferencing or virtual presentations help small businesses to a great extent, they might not be the best way all the time. For instance, if the presentation can be delivered physically (where there’s travelling involved), a virtual presentation is redundant. In some other cases, highly complex presentations that demand interaction in person like sales pitches for expensive products or services also might find that meeting clients or groups in person might help better than virtual presentations.

Practice and prepare: Even though the mode of delivery of an online presentation is through the Internet, your presentation delivery still affects your personal reputation or your company’s brand image. Practice delivery as much as possible before you initiate the actual presentation – perhaps with a close aide, business partner or a colleague. Further, keep your slides, notes and presentation visuals planned out and set-up on your computer to enable sharing while the conference is live.

Keep the visuals relevant to the present: One of the most common mistakes that causes web-conferencing disasters is that the visuals presented are not relevant to the meeting or presentation. Your visuals and other information presented should be pertinent to the topic at hand. In other cases, the amount of information presented is too less or a lot more than your audience can handle. Presenting too much or too little information can both hamper the effectiveness of your presentation. Optimize your visuals and keep your presentation simple.

Make it a point to Interact with your recipients: Due to the lack of in-person contact during a web-conference, the need for interaction increases multi-fold. Finding multiple ways to interact with your audience is a sure-fire to keep your web-conference relevant while engaging your audience better. Most web-conferencing and virtual presentation software has multiple ways to help you with this aspect. ISL Groop, for instance, has a Q & A module where your audience can post questions that you can answer, an online chat system where invited participants can chat live with you and much more.

Keep your virtual presentation distraction free: Sounds like mobile phones ringing, beeping computers, creaking doors and windows, howling winds can all irritate or turn off your audience. You will need to keep your computer and your surroundings completely free from sounds that can irritate and turn your audience away. Don’t let constant pings, door sounds, laughter, and any other sounds crash your virtual presentations.

Address software compatibility, browser, and PC issues live: To present virtually, you’d use webinar software or collaboration software. However, your invitees might be accessing this software from computers operating on different operating software. Your web-conferencing software might not work well with a few operating systems and might render differently in different browsers. One innovate way to handle this issue – which is bound to crop up – is to have a technical moderator (also available and in attendance virtually) who can fix these technical issues on the fly. For instance, if you were presenting using ISL Groop, you can have a technical moderator in attendance ready with the ISL Light Software to help fix issues that might come up during session.

Do you have any tips for presenting better online? We’d love to hear from you.

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