New computer sharing feature for remote access software ISL AlwaysOn

ISL AlwaysOn Remote Access users, who are placed on the same user account domain, can now share remote computers with each other, making them available for access to the whole support team if needed. With the computer sharing feature at hand, you only have to set remote access to the remote computer once. Then, you can pass the access rights to anyone of your support colleagues in a matter of clicks.

First, register a domain at ISL Online
If you want to do things professionally, then the first thing you will want to do is switch to an advanced mode of ISL Online user management. This will allow you to add multiple users to the ISL Online account, let’s say all supporters in your company. After that, you as the account admin can assign other users different rights and limitations; e.g. set the maximum number of concurrent sessions, disable rights to use audio, video, remote printing, file transfer, or desktop sharing. After the assigned supporters start using the ISL Online software, the admin can keep track of their usage history, build reports on their sessions, etc.

Then, share remote computers among the staff members
With the advanced user management up and running, you can turn attention now to the new feature. This will enable domain users of ISL AlwaysOn to share remote computers between each other. Let’s say I was regularly accessing our remote client’s X computer and fixing their technical problems. If I was planning a vacation or just wanted to pass the client to a colleague at work, I would simply log into my user product account at ISL Online (Step 1), click ‘Edit’ besides the computer X found on my remote computer list (Step 2), and enter the username of colleagues with whom I wanted to share the computer (Step 3). The client’s ISL AlwaysOn adds other users to the authorised list.

From that moment on, my colleagues would be able to see the computer X in their remote computer list and connect to it anytime. They could also view their own access history to the computer X but not the history of other computers’ access.

You can imagine that the more users (tech supporters) a company has, the more valuable this computer sharing feature becomes. Regardless of the size of your support team, I encourage you to notify everybody in your company using ISL AlwaysOn of this easy possibility to share remote computers with each other. Let me know in the comments about what they think of it.

Step 1: Log into your product account at ISL Online
Step 2: Select ‘Edit’ besides the computer you want to share
Step 3: Provide usernames of the colleagues you want to share the computer with

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6 Responses to New computer sharing feature for remote access software ISL AlwaysOn

  1. Jag says:

    In real life scenerio how would you use this feature. Can you please give some examples.

    • nejafp says:

      Hi Jag,

      I’m really glad you asked this. Let me give you a little background on this new sharing feature in ISL AlwaysOn. It was actually demanded by our users. Some of them are in charge for remote support of multiple computers, some as many as thousand computers. And the new feature makes their managing a lot easier.

      Let’s say a company creates one user (admin) and adds 100 remote computers to this account. When they create another user for any kind of reason (e.g. another supporter), they need to install all 100 computers once again. That means to run the ISL AlwaysOn application at every remote computer and click through the installation procedure. On the other hand, the new sharing feature enables users of the same domain (create domain -> have admin account + add more users to the same account) to share the already installed remote computers. The user only needs to log into the account and add other users to remote computers he wants to share.

      I hope this was clear enough. If not, don’t hesitate to ask me again.
      Kind regards,

  2. Tiago Ameller says:

    I was looking for a related feature, in both ISL Always on and ISL On line:
    I’started a connection with a remote customer. I want to pass that connection to a colleague in my team, how to transfer it avoiding he or she to start a new connection? This is a kind of “hot transfer” Does this feature exist? Thanks.

    • nejafp says:

      Hi Tiago,

      thanks for your question. This “hot transfer” of an open session is actually on our to-do list, but is not in the development yet. In the meantime, you can perhaps start using ISL Pronto (which is free for all ISL Online users).
      The scenario in ISL Pronto: invite your client to visit your website and click the Live Chat button. An operator picks the chat and starts a remote desktop session (ISL Light) right from that chat. If the operator sees that he can’t help the client, he invites another operator to the live chat session. The other operator can also initiate another remote desktop session with the client. But this will be a separate remote desktop connection and the first operator will need to close his session first in case the organization has a limited number of active connections.

      Let me know if this was helpful.

      • Tiago Ameller says:

        Ok, we used ISL pronto for a while, but our customers prefer to start support by phone. Doing this way is almost the same I close my connection and my colleague start a new one. I’m happy to know this feature is in your to do list. Hope to see it done some day. Thanks for your effort, ISL changed our work for ever.

  3. nejafp says:

    Thanks 🙂 I’m sure our developers will appreciate your comment! We’ll keep you posted when this feature is out.

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