Teleroute’s Case Study

Are you interested to know how the leading pan-European transport and logistics industry supplier uses ISL Online? You’re welcome to read a short case study we’ve prepared in cooperation with the Teleroute’s CEO.

Who is Teleroute?
• Provides innovative online solutions for the transport and logistics industry.
• Covers 36 countries.
• Supplies over 70,000 users each day.
• Handles over 1.2 million tonnes of daily deliveries.

What was Teleroute’s challenge?
Until March 2007, a similar remote support solution was in use. Their goal was to replace it with a powerful yet cost-effective online collaboration and support tool possibly working at a better performance level. Here is the most important excerpt of their functionality request:
• Offer a reliable remote assistance to their customers and dislocated employees.
• Make efficient online sales presentations.
• Provide internal training online.

The solution
ISL Online Corporate Server License with a Private Cloud. Teleroute has full control over the ISL Online system as their sessions have been moved to their private cloud based on a network of internal servers.
• Unlimited number of clients.
• Unlimited number of operators.
• Unlimited number of active sessions.
• No per user, no per session costs.
• Upgrades, updates.
• Customization of the products.

• 45% lower costs.
• +2000 support and sales sessions solved per month.
• Predictable support costs.
• Up-to-date software.
• Increased performance and satisfaction of remote employees.
• All in one license: remote support, access, live chat, web meetings.

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