Web-enable your event with ISL Groop TV

Ever since last month’s first studio appearance when recording a pilot for a new TV talk show Trikotnik (Eng. Triangle), a certain hype has been surrounding ISL Groop also in the world outside IT. But we are not talking about the familiar online meeting and webinar solution, but a brand new software application called ISL Groop TV.

Although both of them enable enterprise web conferencing, it is their purpose that sets them apart. Whereas the standard ISL Groop is intended for online meetings, the highly customized version ISL Groop TV brings a live audience to various events through the Internet. If we put labels on things, ISL Groop would have one with multiple offices and people behind computers, while the one on ISL Groop TV would feature an intriguing event, a room full of people, and a web audience talking on big screens.

The suffix »TV« expands the use of the software out of offices to not only self-explanatory TV shows, but also seminars, conferences, fairs, congresses, and actually anywhere where there is a need to communicate with the outside public. To put it simply, ISL Groop TV web-enables an event.

Here is a trailer of ISL Groop TV bringing a live audience to the TV talk show Triangle:
(broadcasted live in prime time on a national television)

Its basic functionality can be summed up in the following points:
• SSL security (256-bit)
• Firewall compatible
• Audio, video communication
• Full screen high quality video
• Video conference management
• Backstage mode

The array of possibilities that ISL Groop TV offers is impressive, especially as many have the potential to make an event appearance noteworthy. By looking deeper than only at the list of its features, it is possible to assess whether the new video conferencing software really brings the right and most desired benefits to the market. The best way to assess this is by looking at a typical case scenario first and an innovative one afterwards.

ISL Groop TV interactive seminar
Last week, we showed you how ISL Groop TV works in a TV talk show. Today, we are going to focus on another suggested use: interactive seminars.

Whether you are organizing an internal or external seminar, a small or a big one, you can always spice it up with a live video conference with outside guests. A real attention grabber. People who are not physically present at the seminar can join in and ask a question or participate in a live debate. The moderator can show multiple web guests at once, or switch one speaker to full screen. As the moderator has full control over the speaker’s sound (VoIP) and video, practically nothing can go wrong during the live stream.

How you invite guests to a video conference depends on the nature of the seminar. If it is a more open seminar to which let’s say you want to invite everybody from your social community, then you might want to publish the link on a website. If it is a close seminar, you can invite your guest speakers individually by email.

The beauty lies in its simplicity. Provided the guest speaker has access to the Internet, they can join in the debate ad hoc by running a thin ISL Groop TV client, and plugging in their headset and the webcam, regardless of their general computer skills. On the other hand, the moderator himself/herself does not need to be a computer guru to send out invitations, test newly arrived guests’ sound and video, and put them on air.

The most common scenario assumes there are at least two persons involved; a presenter and a moderator. A presenter is the person performing on stage and a moderator is the one taking care of tech matters at the back. The moderator accepts a live audience coming in through the ISL Groop TV, dry runs a video conference with each individual, and puts them on a waiting list for their live appearance in the seminar.

ISL Groop TV Concert
Now that we have covered the most typical case scenario, let’s turn our attention to a more innovative one. Business party with an online concert. Every company is organizing them but I am sure only a handful of them have ever tried to invite music players to do a live concert through a video conference. Only a thought, but on second thought a good one, too. Let me know if you ever bring it about.

With so many people conveniently at our digital fingertips, it is easy to imagine what your next seminar or a party could look like, isn’t it? If you are interested in finding out more about ISL Groop TV, I suggest you contact ISL Online’s sales or click here to enter a live chat with ISL Online.

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