ISL WebStart for an instant start of ISL Online services available today

Are you getting annoyed by permission dialogues like »Do you want to run or save this file«? You can skip these security confirmations that pop up before every ISL Online session by installing ISL WebStart, a brand new add-on. It has been released today and is free for everyone (note that this topic is relevant for Windows users only).

Download ISL Web Start now.

What is ISL WebStart?
ISL WebStart is an ActiveX / Netscape plug-in which allows you to start ISL Online sessions directly from all major browsers (IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera). After the installation, a new session will open without the security confirmation dialogue. See ISL WebStart in action:

Limitations of ISL WebStart?
Although ISL WebStart skips all security confirmations popping up prior to the beginning of an ISL Online session, unfortunately it cannot circumvent the UAC dialogues. This leaves everybody using an administrative Windows account with this UAC dialogue: »Do you want the following programme to make changes to this computer?« However, to my knowledge, the UAC dialogues can be disabled by the admin user altogether.

If you are looking for more information on ISL WebStart, you can find detailed instructions in the manual just published by our tech guys.

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