Instant messenger and live chat software ISL Pronto certified by OPSWAT

The live chat and instant messaging software ISL Pronto is officially certified under the OPSWAT firewall and network appliances operability criteria. Firewalls may now have a “rule set” that says “allow/disallow XLAB ISL Pronto.

The OPSWAT Certification program is designed to enable seamless interoperation of software applications with leading technology solutions. When using a solution that employs the OESIS Framework, OPSWAT Gold, Silver and Bronze certified products are tested and verified to minimize compatibility issues for you as a user.

If you connect to a network through a technology solution such as Cisco NAC, Juniper Host Checker or Citrix Access Gateway, your system is evaluated according to an administrator’s policy before you are allowed network access. OPSWAT Certified products are verified compatible with these solutions powered by the OESIS Framework.

The OESIS Framework is a cross platform, open development framework that enables software engineers and technology vendors to develop products that detect, classify and manage thousands of third-party software applications. OESIS is implemented in remote access, network access control and other solutions on an estimated 100 million endpoints worldwide.

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