ISL Online Donates Web Collaboration Free to Japanese

Seeing Japan’s massive earthquake, tsunami, and now the unpredictable nuclear situation in Fukushima, ISL Online has decided to offer their web collaboration services free of charge for two months to every person and every company in Japan. The ISL Online pack includes software for remote PC access, remote desktop support, online meeting, and live chat. Their donation is expected to provide some relief to affected individuals and businesses, by offering them a possibility to efficiently work and meet online from dispersed locations.

According to ISL Online’ CEO, Jure Pompe, the initiative for a free license to everyone was started by their close Japanese business partner, Oceanbridge, a few days after the earthquake. The initiative was based on the fact that many people in Japan, just like Oceanbridge employees, are instructed now to work from home. For most businesses, the situation will likely remain unchanged for at least a couple of weeks. “ISL Online’s software should facilitate Japanese businesses and people to overcome difficult times ahead more comfortably. By using our software, people will be able to connect to their office computers from anywhere. Another big benefit that the package offers is to collaborate in regular meetings online. This way, all employees with access to the Internet will be able to attend business meetings regardless of their current location,” explains Mr Pompe.

The support package is available free for two months to everyone in Japan and includes all ISL Online software tools:
• Remote PC access – ISL AlwaysOn,
• Webinar and online meeting – ISL Groop,
• Remote desktop support – ISL Light,
• Live chat – ISL Pronto.

The free package will be valid for 60 days from its activation. “Nevertheless, if conditions in Japan do not improve in two months, ISL Online is more than willing to prolong its validity,” adds Pompe. Instructions on how to get the free web collaboration package are provided in detail on the Oceanbridge’s website:

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