ISL Online takes HDI

Next week a bunch of ISL Online guys will be attending HDI held in Las Vegas from March 29 – April 1. Since this is the most important help desk event in the world, which provides a valuable insight into how to improve service and support performance, I expect a lot of you there in person.

Not lucky enough to be in Las Vegas? Don’t worry, here is a magic wand. I will be blogging about every noteworthy piece of news and bring you live coverage of the show. So, stay tuned!

Oh, I almost forgot… You must be wondering why on earth a good-looking guy leisurely sunbathing on a virgin beach would be relevant to this post. Well, yes, his name is Bobo and is one of the main software developers here at ISL Online. He was also evil enough to email us this teasing photo from his last surfing vacation in South Africa, while our teeth were chattering here in Europe under the somewhat polar conditions (no wonder, it was mid January). Now, we are returning the favour. 😉 Stay tuned to find out how.

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