VoIP massively improved in new videoconferencing software ISL Groop 2.2

Although I am sure we are all eagerly waiting for the promised remote desktop support tool ISL Light for iPhone and iPad, I have no choice but to keep you in the sweet anticipation for a few days more to finish some legal formalities at the App store. While you wait, it is absolutely necessary to try the newly released version of our videoconferencing software ISL Groop 2.2. This comes with a completely new audio (VoIP) architecture enabling communication between online meeting attendees to flow as smoothly as possible. Read full release information.

The new audio processing library in ISL Groop 2.2 introduces an upgraded echo cancelling filter which has prooved successful at detecting echo sounds and cancelling them seamlessly. Another big benefit the new videoconferencing software brings is continuous audio streaming without cancelling the silence during an online conversation. The last major improvement lies in hotplugging of USB audio devices; this has been improved to such an extent that the 2.2 version software always automatically – even during an online conversation – selects the best audio recording device to achieve optimal sound. The results? People attending an online meeting can now converse more naturally with the sound virtually as clear as that on a regular telephone. After joining an online meeting, participants switch on the microphone and start a real-time debate without bumping into any technically challenging obstacles.

Switch to ISL Groop 2.2 online meetings
If you are using the Hosted Service (PayPerUse Coupon or Yearly Subscription) or Free Trial, you can go ahead and try it out at your next online meeting. When you join a new ISL Groop online meeting, the 2.2 version will be selected by default.

Server License users will need to update their ISL Conference Proxy server with a new license file prior to their next scheduled online meeting with the 2.2 version* (of course you can continue using your current version). Here are quick instructions on how to start using ISL Groop 2.2:
1. open web administration of ISL Conference Proxy http://localhost:7615/conf,
2. login by using the admin account,
3. click the ‘Online update’ link in the left navigation,
4. click ‘Apply changes’ if you have automatic install.

* For that you need a valid Extended Support Service (ESS). If you are not sure whether your ESS is still valid or not, log into your ISL Online account and see the information page under Server License. If it is not valid, you can easily purchase it in our Online Shop.

Let me know in the comments how your online meeting with ISL Groop 2.2 went.

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