Happy Easter: do work remotely, meet online

Here we go – It’s that time of year again! Pleasant, there’s no doubt about that, but can be stressful if you haven’t finished yet your work. I’m already starting to hear some aggravated grunts from a tiny corner of our office; from what I hear it has something to do with banks not processing payment orders. Those damn banks! Well, surprisingly enough, today are in fact Bank Holidays. 🙂 While many of the lucky ones are already enjoying public holidays, some of us are still stuck in the office with those nasty last minute tasks piling up on our desks.

I am guessing not everyone will be thrilled sitting at their desk during the upcoming holidays, therefore I have come up with a possible solution for those unlucky ones. Why not work from home or a hotel or wherever your family and friends have been planning to spend Easter holidays? Pack your laptop and use remote access to connect to your office PC. If your boss or partners have scheduled a meeting for the next week, why not suggest taking it online? With the right remote access and web conferencing software you can do both – have fun plus do work.

I cannot think of a more appropriate software pack than ISL Online. Four products for online collaboration – remote access and desktop support, web conference, live chat – all in one license and consequently one price. You can work on a remote computer and join an online meeting for as little as 100 EUR / 70 GBP / 140 USD. But first, start a 15-day free trial to get a glimpse of how easy your life could be.

Regardless of where you spend the Easter holidays, have lots of fun!

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