Extra Prize for Best User Story: iPad2!

Help us celebrate 100,000 ISL Online users! Enter the story writing contest and win an ISL Online Enterprise Subscription with an extra iPad2. As ISL Online remote access and control software arrived to the App Store last week, we wanted to give our Apple mobile users equal chances to write an amazing story and win the contest. So, get your digital fingers ready, write a unique short story about your amusing, inspiring or in any other way charming experience with an ISL Online product, and send it to nejafp@islonline.com.

Your user story published on the ISL Online Blog that gets the most Facebook likes will be rewarded one Enterprise Subscription and an iPad2.

Valid until
Story submission closes on 30 June. Facebook ‘likes’ close on 7 July.

User story
Any actual user experience that involves ISL Online products. Short, long, with or without pictures, videos, make your pick. The only recommendation is to make it a bit witty, heart-breaking, inspiring, or in any other way charming.

How it works
Send your story to nejafp@islonline.com. All stories will be published on ISL Online blog on 1 July, each in a separate blog post. The competition for Facebook likes will begin immediately after publishing and finish on 7 July. The user story with most Facebook likes will win its writer one ISL Online Enterprise Subscription and a brand new iPad2.

Good luck!

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7 Responses to Extra Prize for Best User Story: iPad2!

  1. scheidegger says:

    top product

  2. damjanpipan says:

    Is it white or black iPad2? I thinkk white one is better for this prize – summer is comming and black would be too hot on the sun.

  3. nejafp says:

    Yeah, I guess you found it 🙂 The current results are surprisingly 50 : 50, so vote everyone if you want to have a say in which iPad2 will be given as a reward.

  4. This may be the best read on the web

  5. Musik says:

    You’r exactly right with this blog post

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