ISL Online User Story IX: Presentation gone wrong

In our company we care very much about the collaboration with our customers, many of them are abroad and we have online meetings with them, sometimes we also need to provide remote customer support for our products. For all this, we use the ISL online products – ISL AlwaysOn, ISL Light, ISL Pronto and ISL Groop. These tools make our work easier every day but they recently proved to be very helpful also in a situation that never happened to me before.

In April I had a meeting with a very important client. I prepared a 25-slide presentation on my home computer and copied the presentation on an USB key just before leaving for the meeting. The USB key was requested by the client because there were many presenters and they had prepared a common compute and projector. I arrived to the client’s premises 5 minutes before the meeting and gave the key to the technician who copied the file to their computer. So there was no time to check the file. When my turn came I tried to run the presentation but the file seemed to be corrupted. I reinserted my USB key and I realized that something must have gone wrong when I saved the file to the key. What to do now? Everybody was staring at me and the I remembered that I had ISL Always On on my home computer. I went to, logged in and started the remote desktop connection to my home computer. Luckily my presentation was still open on my desktop so in just a few moments I had the presentation ready. Everything went smoothly from that moment on. It is an elegant and simple way to have your personal computer always with you.

by Ana

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