ISL Online User Story VII: from sridhar for ipad

hi nejafp!

how r u?

this is sridhar. i get some your emails. you write good news, we use new features of isl. i saw your ad for ipad but i do not pay membership fee, so i didnt write back. now my trial will soon close again and i decided to write anyway.i want to tell u our story and get ipad pls.

we use isl all the time in our support center 3yr now. we do computer support and need isl to make our living.

we have many clients in us. we work cheap. we work hard, all the time. now is night, now we work for us. isl is fast as logmein when supporting us clients. also reboot works. isl is realy good, but for us in india is expensive. thr is problem to pay so much in india, we cannot pay same price as in us!. but we like isl.

we also do support in india. not just companies. isl is only remote program for support call center tht is also in hindi. we give support for free to schools and local comunity. in india normal ppl do not know computers and remote support. we change that, bring knowledge. we show desktop and teach ppl how to use computers. weteach internet, we teach email and thn we teach how to earn for living online. we teach data entry, transcripting, forum posting, mturk hits.. ppl need this, want to learn. isl is easy and in hindi, so ppl are not afraid, they trust us. we cannot use logmein, ppl think it is not safe, and it has problems on old computers and slow internet. isl works ok and has voice!! isl helps comunity learn. thank you for providing isl to us!

sir pls give me ipad i want try ios pls.
i will tell u more about my company. you will then understand situation here in india. you will see many users here.

bye bye

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