ISL Online User Story VIII: Once upon a time

Once upon a time, in a land, far, far away a bunch of guys started developing a product of their lifetime. I first met them and their products in early 2007 and have been using them (their products, not the guys – just to be sure ;)) ever since. And boy did my life changed since then.

To demonstrate, I’d like to give two examples of how ISL Online products help our business. We run a small business with a specialised GIS software. Our software is mainly used by non-technical users focused on their work – if the software does not work the way they imagined, we get a phone call. It usually meant we needed to come down to help them solve the problem. After switching from on-site to online support using ISL Light, we were able to satisfy our users’ needs much faster and more efficiently and I guarantee that live support is one of the main advantages of our business. Especially after introuducing ISL Pronto for even easier live chat. Sometimes our customers simply start the live chat to say hi and thank for the great products we have delivered to them.

A completely different example is far more fresh, perhaps a week or two old. I was returning back home from work on a bus and received a phone call from my mom. She sounded terrified and after a while she finally explained what had happened. “Geee, I accidentally deleted a file I was working on for the whole day and can’t find it anywhere.” said she. After I calmed her down, I started ISL Light on my iPad – thank God for the 3G. We connected in a matter of few seconds and started looking for the lost one. I was hoping to find the file in the Trash but it wasn’t there. So we looked further and in the end found it in the parent folder. Not sure what she was doing with it but I guess she accidentally dragged the file over. She was sooooo happy to be able to work on that file again and couldn’t thank me enough. This was actually my first support over 3G, so I was not sure how it would work but in the end I was really glad to try it out.

So, these are just two great examples of how ISL Online helps me and my colleagues solve problems on distant computers. I actually haven’t found a computer I could not support using ISL Online and I supported a lot of them, from private computers to systems in public administration.

And to conclude, they lived happily ever after :-). Thanks to the great people from ISL Online!

Cheers guys and gals!

by Gregor

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