ISL Online User Story XI: Sex movies vs. Personal bills

Few months ago, I have supported one of our customers, which had problem with our software. After couple of minutes trying to solve the problem over chat, I have suggested to check the problem using remote desktop sharing solution. Customer agreed, so I logged into his computer and started searching for the solution. After trying to reinstall application and install some required software, I navigated to folder that stores all the application specific files (settings, logs, …). Normally it is located in user home directory under Documents and Settings. When I opened the home folder, there were some folder, but one really took my attention. It was named ‘Sex movies’.

Just after I’ve seen it, customer took control over the computer and closed the folder. Over chat he said “Sorry. I need to go. My wife is waiting me with the dinner”. I said ok, not a problem. We can solve the problem next day. He agreed and closed the chat.
Well… next day the same customer came again to our support, and the remote control has been once again established. I repeated the procedure… But this time there was no folder named ‘Sex movies’, but I have noticed that new one has been added, named ‘Personal bills’ :).
Well, I have fixed the problem, and software has started to work once again. The customer has been very happy. When we said goodbye to each other, he said “Please, forget the thing you saw yesterday”. I answered “What thing. I forgot everything already.”. Well, I lied 😉

by Jure P.

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