ISL Online User Story XII: To MAXIMIZE your vacation use ISL Online!

Imagine this:
You are at the sea side. Enjoying your moments of peace on your little rubber boat away from the beach, away from your problems. The sun is shining, warming your skin and the wind is gently blowing. In the distance you can hear the children playing in the water and splashing around. If you listen really carefully you can also hear the seagulls. You say to yourself this is the life!
But all of the sudden your peace and quiet is broken by the sound of your telephone vibrating. Hello, we need you at the office is the sound that comes through the speaker.

Are you familiar with this? This also happened to me. With ISL Online I did not have to go back to the office. I only went back to my trailer and took my computer out. Connected within seconds to my office computer I fixed the problem that I would normally have to come to the office to fix. ISL Online products saved my vacation and a lot of mileage.

PS: Imagine what would happen if you were married and your wife stayed there but you had to go back to work. 🙂

PS2 : I just had my birthday 2 days ago and this would be a great present 🙂

by Gorazd

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