User Story II: Lifesaver

Finally! A job interview! After 6 months of sending my resume someone thinks I’m worth at least an interview. Hmmm…. What do I say to present myself in most positive light?

It’s D day. I’m waiting in front of the office. 2 people in front of me. My last thoughts… I’m punctual, very well organized,… It’s all in my resume. My resume?! I forgot my resume! So much about me beeing organized, so much about my good qualities! What do I do? Thank God for ISL online and ISL Light for iPhone. Few clicks on my iPhone and I’m conected to my home computer and resume is already in my mail inbox :).

by Spela

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3 Responses to User Story II: Lifesaver

  1. britt hayes says:

    very nice story spela. i would hire you.

  2. margaret says:

    good story spela–good luck

  3. Robert Andrews says:

    I hope you win, cousin.

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