User Story III: Does it matter?

Yes, it does. This is not going to be a story how great ISL products are. It is also not going to be a story about how I am using all ISL applications, but I like ISL Light best. This is going to be a story of a mad man. At the end of the day, it is not going to be a story at all. By the way – do you know the Mad Man series? January Jones is great. Why story of a mad man? Because things are driving me crazy today. Many things. Products like singing watch in a form of fish. Products like sleeping bag for cats. Products like software that offers a replacement for an animal. For a pet or even for a cow. A digital cow. Would you like to have it? I don’t. I don’t want to taste a digital milk either. Computer is a tool, it is not a replacement for a real life. At least this is my opinion.

Someone could argue that there have to be bad and good things, otherwise good things wouldn’t be that good. Also, that you have to be developing many things in order to get some of them really good. I could agree on this for mathematics research for example, but a digital cow is a clear waste of time for me. Check this for a seemingly useless mathematics research.

Finally, I guess ISL Online is simply one of the products that succeeded to be really useful. ISL Online is not offering digital cows, ISL Online does help people. But anyway, January Jones is great, ISL products are just pretty good.

by Joseph

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