User Story IV: Super Batman

The other day I was quietly working, just writing some documentation, searching for a material on web, when I suddenly got a request on ICQ. It said: “I am Super Batman. Would you like to be my friend?”
Well, it sounded like interesting and I just clicked yes. Gee, I should be more careful.
“Who is Super Batman?” I asked.
“I am Super Batman,” it was said.

“What is Super Batman anyway?” I asked.
“How you don’t know who is Super Batman? It is a Batman with a sword.”
“Gee, why do you need a sword, if you are Batman?” I asked.
“Don’t ask stupid questions, just be polite, man. Being Batman just ain’t enough these days. Understood?”

Well, no Super Batman happens if you are using ISL Pronto. Remembering my friend Super Batman, one anecdote just crossed my mind right now. Do you know the anecdote of Muhammad Ali when the stewardess on an airplane flight reminded him to fasten his seat belt. Well, Muhammad Ali said: “Superman don’t need no seat belt.” And the stewardess retorted: “Superman don’t need no airplane either.”

by Robert

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