User Story V: A Mistake

Some time ago we’ve been developing some components for a big company and we’ve made a few mistakes that shouldn’t happen. Oh yeah, shouldn’t happen. We were not the only ones making mistakes, but yeah, basically they shouldn’t happen.

So, later on one of the core developers became a bit sore at us and at the other partners as well. There has been a great deal of cynicism in his communication with us from then on if you know what I mean. He just started spelling our names in a strange manner and so on. Well, one day we had a conference call and we had to present our recent development progress. We had an idea to share our screen remotely in order to show every detail and so on. Well, at first Skype desktop sharing didn’t work. These guys in big companies are behind thousand firewalls or I don’t know what. Then we tried Microsoft Live Meeting, usually it works, but this time it didn’t. Guess what we proposed then? Well, not only what we proposed, I just quickly started ISL Light on my machine and asked guy on the other side of the phone to download ISL Light on his machine. Then there was this code to insert and the great cynic said: “This ain’t gonna work, this is too simple, it ain’t gonna work.”

Guess what? It did. It took just a few seconds and it just worked. The guy stayed quiet like a damn fish. And that’s what it is I guess. Yeah, that’s what it is. Deadly simple. ISL Light. And if you really want to know – our presentation and recent development was bloody good as well.

by Stefan

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