ISL Online User Story Contest Update I

Thanks again for participating in our contest either by submitting a user story or clicking that ‘like’ button. Btw the contest is still on. Or shall we rather call it war for Facebook ‘likes’? 😉

It’s funny how a few contestants immediately gathered an enviable number of ‘likes’. The story that currently takes the first place, To MAXIMIZE your vacation use ISL Online!, is a sort of Mastercard »Priceless« commercial immitation and leads now with incredible 177 ‘likes’. The second one, a hilarious short video picturing a comical Indian tech supporter, Blind vs. Blind, lags behind at 70 ‘likes’. Then a few stories follow pretty tightly with a few ‘likes’ less than 60. Meanwhile, my personal favourite stands there alone with a disgraceful handful of ‘likes’ disregarding its underlying wit and beauty in almost hurtful truth. You guessed it, it’s the letter from sridhar for ipad. 🙂

See the list of all ISL Online user stories.

Anyway, the contest for Facebook ‘likes continues, so stay tuned for more updates. To get ISL Online Blog posts to your mailbox, subscribe to RSS feeds or create an email subscription (see the screenshot).

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