And the Winner is…

To MAXIMIZE your vacation use ISL Online! A mind relaxing short story that fills you with a warm feeling and puts you right there on a sunny beach with seagulls squawking in the distance and playful children splashing the water. Plus the number of Facebook ‘likes’ speaks for itself; 213 ‘likes’ in just 7 days. Could that also be a result of its enthusiastic ending saying “I just had my birthday 2 days ago and this would be a great present”? 😉

The author of the winning user story, Gorazd from Slovenia, will be rewarded a black iPad2 with an enabled ISL Online Enterprise Subscription. We hope it will serve him well whether at the seaside connecting remotely to his office PC or in the office performing remote desktop support or real-time online meetings.

Now, let me take you to the backstage of the contest and show you some interesting statistics behind the user stories published on the ISL Online Blog. If we look at the best three stories, they all share a high conversion rate between the number of views and the number of FB ‘likes’. About one third of all people liked what they saw. As far as the winning story goes, it topped our expectations with incredible 725 views and 213 ‘likes’ in just 7 days from July 1 to July 7.

Thanks again to Gorazd and thanks to everyone for participating in our User Story Contest. Let me know in the comments what should the first prize be in our next contest. 🙂

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