Enjoying your cup of coffee?

I was in a dilemma this morning thinking what would be an appropriate welcome back post to all of us who have been enjoying summer holidays during the last hot weeks. Then I came across a post on Wired.com about Most Beautiful National Parks Seen From Space (sorry, needed to share that link still being under impression of recent travels) and it became crystal clear what exactly do we need during our next cup of coffee. Doubtlessly, that would not be some long and informative post you could choke on, let alone something of a software performance test, but something funny, interesting and easy to read.

So, I’m going to let you in on a few geeky but interesting facts and figures about users of ISL Online collaboration and remote support software that I’ve found in our customer database. Here they are:

Did you know that big names like Konica Minolta, IBM and Canon use ISL Online?

The heaviest of SaaS users create 250,000 sessions per year.

Amongst the heaviest of SaaS users, European corporations take the lead, particularly the Spanish, followed by the Americans and Japanese.

Most SaaS customers come from Switzerland while most Server License customers come from Japan.

An amazing 90% of our customers claim to be satisfied with the software and support services included and decide to continue using ISL Online All-in-One pack of remote desktop, access, web meeting, and live chat software each year.

In fact, 148 out of 189 earliest customers have stayed with us until today since the very first beta version in 2003.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your cup of coffee and see you next week. 🙂

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