Users Talk: Laptop & PC Repairs

One name; hundreds of user stories. ISL Online. Every month or so we reach out to the ones we value most – our users. Each tells its own unique story. This month we are visiting northern London’s suburbs, Stanmore, where we tried to get some insight into how a small IT support business, Laptop & PC Repairs, uses ISL Online. Here is the recap of what their managing director, Mr. Stephen Yarrow, has revealed about the ISL Online remote desktop access, support and web conferencing software.

Name: Stephen Yarrow
Occupation: Managing director
Organization: Laptop & PC Repairs
Location: Stanmore, UK
Business: Supporting 500+ clients
Solution employed: ISL Online Hosted Service (SaaS)

You are a team of five but you manage to support more than 500 clients. How do you do it?
We had the number of our customers increase considerably a few years ago due to a strong word of mouth and customer recommendations. Coping with the big growth, the biggest challenge became time, having to be in two or three places at the same time. That is why I started looking around the remote desktop support software market and finally decided for the ISL Online’s SaaS solution. It has since provided flexible remote access and maximum performance at a moderate price, leaving us with a possibility to scale the service up to the company needs as the business grows. We have been using the remote support and access tool for more than three years now, doing an average of 100 remote sessions per month as an addition to the classic telephone support, and it has always worked like a charm.

Did you have a tough time deciding which remote desktop solution was right for you?
Not really. First, I was aiming at the big well-known names but was not convinced by their level of security. Then after getting a tip from my friend, I investigated and tested ISL Online thoroughly during a free trial period and was finally convinced by its speed, multi-platform support, reliability and constant availability, and most importantly by the security that the product guaranteed. The latter seems to be an aspect of remote control software of paramount importance to me and my clients.

You joined the ISL Online’s resellers network last year. Tell us more about your decision?
From the very beginning I was impressed with the performance of the ISL Online remote support software but at one point my enthusiasm got so big that I decided to join ISL Online as a reseller. The turning point was a call from one of my clients, who lives 12,000 miles away in Melbourne. He wasn’t able to print from his PCs to a printer. With ISL Online remote support tool I took over the control of his desktop and fixed some share issues. In a matter of minutes all of the PCs were printing fine again. I also tried ISL Online’s remote printing from my local computer to the client’s printer and that worked smoothly as well. Both the client and I were impressed at how simply and fast we solved the problems. It’s really a premium remote support software and I’m happy to offer it on the UK market.

About Laptop & PC Repairs
A small team of five mainly supports small and medium-sized businesses and private homes by solving computer issues, specialising on laptop repair, virus protection and removal, wireless network security and data recovery as well as web design and secure hosting. Their business has grown by word of mouth and customer recommendation and today Laptop & PC Repairs support more than 500 customers, offering remote support also to the clients in Australia, and intend to open another company in Bulgaria.

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2 Responses to Users Talk: Laptop & PC Repairs

  1. Paul Smith says:

    I agree that remote desktop support is the way for today, for any computer repair business. The advantage is that you can reach out to more people from a further distance and save travel expenses for you and the customer.

  2. 800Fixing says:

    Desktop remote is much suitable these days. Thank you so much for sharing such a Wonderfull information. Yes indeed it will save time as well as many expenses.

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