ISL Online’s Remote Support and Web Conferencing SaaS at 99.9667% Uptime in 2010

The issue of how to implement software can be beyond challenge, particularly when so many options are proffered as suitable nowadays. If typical software consummation focused on on-premises software installation in the past, today, there is also software as a service (SaaS) usually hosted on the provider’s cloud system, and an internal private cloud or hybrid/integrated workloads. ISL Online offers their remote desktop and web conferencing software in all three variants with all of them assuring the best possible user experience.

ISL Online’s SaaS achieved an amazing 99.9667% uptime in 2010, meaning it was globally available 365/24/7 except for 2 hours and 55 minutes, mostly reserved for the scheduled cloud infrastructure maintenance. Their SaaS subscribers also received about 30 updates and new versions of the four online collaboration software products immediately after being added to the applications, thus providing direct treatment for bugs and commissioning solutions faster than in-house facilities.

ISL Online SaaS’s high availability rate is ensured by a proprietary communication platform based on a worldwide network of dedicated servers. Currently, dedicated servers hosted by more than 50 professional and industry-proven data centres around the world comprise the ISL Online Private Cloud Network offering a lot of benefits to SaaS users such as fault tolerance, active-active backup, load balancing, distributed session roaming, and GeoDNS technology. In layman’s terms, ISL Online’s SaaS can be used from anywhere, anytime and one always receives the best possible service as the Private Cloud Network’s own brain takes care of directing new sessions to the nearest and the most load-free server, and even seamlessly shifts active sessions to the next most optimal server if the first one fails for some reason or other. To get a rough idea of how big ISL Online SaaS’s Private Cloud Network actually is – it hosted more than 5 million sessions in 2010 with the heaviest of users creating over 250,000 sessions per year.

See how ISL Online technologies evolved through the years.

Another general issue of SaaS, which ISL Online handles extremely well, is data security. ISL Online users share great confidence in data security since there has not been a single incident to date that could have in any way undermined their trust. When it comes to security, ISL Online carefully chooses servers in only highly reliable and industry-proven data centres with modern facilities and equipment such as redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communication connections, environmental controls (e.g. air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices. Their data security is enhanced with a strict policy for storing administration passwords and the highest AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption (SSL), which fully protects the content of users’ remote support, remote access, live chat or web conferencing sessions from third parties.

Although the SaaS business model is by far the most popular among ISL Online users due to its excellent performance, security, ease of use and the fact that it avoids costs, time and effort associated with implementing and maintaining conventional software, there are about 10% of users, mostly larger organisations, who prefer an on-premises installation and a ‘hybrid’ or ‘private’ cloud architecture.

The ISL Online software installation comes in a package called Server License and is perfect for companies that require full independence and control over the system due to privacy and security requirements. When using the Server License, connections are established through the customer’s server(s), keeping all data such as user information and session history in a closed corporate environment. In line with expectations, Server License offers more customisation and integration possibilities such as full adaptation of applications (skin, texts, logo) and external authentication through central directories such as OpenLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory and RADIUS.

The latest big thing in the IT world is to incorporate all cloud computing benefits into an on-premises software installation. ISL Online has taken a step forward and offered a Private Cloud running their software exclusively. Successfully used by organisations such as the Ministry of Public Administration of Slovenia and Teleroute, the ISL Online Private Cloud consists of at least two servers, provided by the customer, which have an ISL installation and are connected to a corporate Internet communications network. Nevertheless, the network is fully scalable. More servers can be added anytime according to the organisation’s growing needs. Additionally, one can achieve improved performance for all users if dispersed around the globe by keeping servers in multiple locations. In this way, the organisation also lessens the impact on cloud security in the case of any environmental hazards such as fires, earthquakes and floods.

Anyway, lessons boil down to this: deploy software in a way that suits your needs. Thanks to ISL Online’s advanced technological commitment, their users can get remote support, remote access, live chat and web conferencing software as a service with as much as 99.9667% uptime, achieve greater control with the on-premises software installation, or even combine the benefits in a Private Cloud. The choice is yours.

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