ISL AlwaysOn 2.0: File Sharing for Easy Remote Work and Collaboration

As you might be used to Dropbox, ISL Online, too, has added similar great file sharing capabilities to its remote access software in their latest release of ISL AlwaysOn 2.0. Unlike most file sharing services, ISL AlwaysOn does not limit the shared space capacity and allows both the owner and guest users unlimited access rights to the shared files. Now you can easily share files with anyone over the web or use them yourself from anywhere without having to use remote access to the computer where the files are saved.

To get you started
The first step to sharing files is to download the updated ISL AlwaysOn 2.0. After successfully installing the remote access application, the second step is to grant access to your computer on which the files are located. After that, file sharing is easy. Just find the file you want to share, make a right mouse click on it, select ‘Share this folder with ISL AlwaysOn’ and set access rights – download only or full control — and authentication requirements – privately protected with a password or publicly accessible with a link. Whereas the shared files become available from your ISL Online web account, they can also be accessed by guest users provided they are given a link.

Share a folder of unlimited size and distribute a link to access it online to co-workers, friends or family.

Although sharing files online works like a charm once you get to know it, the most basic trick you must be aware of before diving fully into it is the fact that ISL AlwaysOn only lets you share folders and not separate files. Therefore, to get the most out of the new functionality is to create a new folder or set an existing one for sharing and then put all files you want to share in there. It might also be wise to create several folders for different remote users.

Collaboration in shared file space
With no space size setting you back, ISL AlwaysOn’s new file sharing functionality can help expand and reinforce an open and collaborative environment between colleagues, friends and clients. Create a shared file space and work on files together from anywhere no matter their size. While you can work on files directly on a local computer with updates automatically sent online, your remote partners can access, download and edit them easily through web-based access plus upload new files or even create new folders.

Get access links to your shared folders and distribute them to guest users.

Files at hand
It’s hard to understand just how much better it is to see and work on your work-related files lined up at a glance in your shared folder and updated as they come in, until you’ve tried it out yourself. Once you’ve shared a folder, it receives all updates automatically while working on the local computer. The real magic starts when working on files remotely through web access. The web interface shows a list of files and folders inside the shared folder, lets you expand each folder, download selected files and folders, delete them, upload new files or updated ones,and create new folders.

View the files online through your web account without having to use remote access to that PC. Tip: when logged in to ISL Online web account (ISL AlwaysOn), refresh the website (F5) to see the ‘files’ option if it is not shown immediately.

So, feel free to go on a business trip, a family holiday or work from home totally carefree as you know you can acces your office PC remotely anytime from anywhere, or even work normally on the files you’ve previously shared without accessing a remote computer.

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4 Responses to ISL AlwaysOn 2.0: File Sharing for Easy Remote Work and Collaboration

  1. Horaz says:

    Ihr E-Mail-Newsletter ist auf Deutsch. Ihre Homepage leider nicht. Anonsten hätte ich sehr wohl Interesse an Ihren Produkten.

    • Hallo, zufällig stolpere ich (wenn auch sehr spät), über Ihren Kommentar. Selbstverständlich ist unsere Homepage und alle Produkte mit deutscher Oberfläche verfügbar. Hier befinden Sie sich im ISL Online Blog, der tatsächlich nur auf Englisch veröffentlicht wird. Eine Alternative ist unser deutscher Blog in dem wir fast alle Blogthemen auch in Deutsch veröffentlichen.

  2. Adam says:

    Does file share still work if the PC sharing the files is off line?

  3. nejafp says:

    Sorry Adam, your comment somehow got overlooked… Regarding file sharing – the computer sharing files needs to be online.

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