Users Talk: EuroCloud Meets Online

One name – hundreds of user stories. ISL Online. Every month or so we reach out to the ones we value most – our users. Each tells their own unique story. This month we are visiting the general director of EuroCloud Europe, Mr. Maurice van der Woude, who shared with us how their independent non-profit Pan-European cloud computing organisation uses ISL Online’s web conferencing software. Here is the recap of our conversation.

Name: Maurice van der Woude
Occupation: General Director of EuroCloud Europe
Organisation: EuroCloud Europe
Need: web conferencing software
Solution employed: ISL Online SaaS

Q: Maurice, please tell us the reasons why you decided to start using web conferencing software.

A: Just like many other associations with partners located everywhere across Europe, EuroCloud, too, had been practising occasional meetings at the airports, in hotels and on the partner’s premises to thoroughly discuss certain important things in person instead of emailing or conversing endlessly over the telephone. A year ago we started using ISL Online’s web conferencing software called ISL Groop and since then it has become an indispensable tool for us. Each time we need to discuss executive issues, we simply meet online in a web conference. It increases our productivity and definitely saves a lot of travel costs.

Q: Now that you are using web conferencing software, how do you compare your business to before?

A: It’s great! ISL Groop allows our international team of board members to organise board meetings online and discuss open issues at any time. If geographical distances used to represent a major barrier for a frequent face-to-face communication, now we can meet up anytime without any particular costs attached to an online meeting. I think such tools are really indispensable for organisations like EuroCloud, whose members come and work from different European countries.

Q: What do you like most about ISL Groop?

A: Everybody here at EuroCloud Europe shares the same opinion on ISL Groop, that it’s a very simple web conferencing service. It’s web-based and doesn’t require user registration for any other participant other than the one organising an online event. Participants receive their invitation through an email and can join the online meeting in a matter of clicks. During the online meeting you can use audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, text messaging, slide annotations and session recording.

Q: Are you using ISL Groop for public events as well?

A: Yes, we intend to use ISL Groop’s webinar also at EuroCloud day, that’s an event coming up in the first half of this year. We shall connect auditoriums full of participants across Europe through ISL Groop and share audio, video and live screen among them. All online conferences will be recorded and archived for later use and available to anyone who would like to play back a particular web conference, including audio and video streams, chat messages and live screen.

About EuroCloud Europe
EuroCloud is an independent non-profit organisation, whose main mission is to create awareness of Cloud Computing throughout our society and take an active role in the design of cloud industry processes and standards. EuroCloud has established its presence in 27 countries in less than two years and has a local EuroCloud formally established in 17 European countries.

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