What’s New: Record Online Meetings

After announcing the new file sharing functionality in the updated remote access app ISL AlwaysOn 2.0 a few weeks back, there seems to be more great news for ISL Online users. A brand new ISL Recording Player — a free downloadable player for ISL Online’s remote desktop support, access and web meeting session recordings — allows a user to capture session participants’ videos, audio, chat, desktop sharing and the slide area, and place bookmarks for later easier navigation. The new version supports ISL Groop recordings beside the previously supported ISL Light and ISL AlwaysOn recordings, works faster, has a substantially improved speed for timeline scrolling, and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac users.

Download New ISL Recording Player

Here is a short video tutorial on how to record a web meeting in ISL Groop (available from version 2.4 up):

New in ISL Recording Player:
• Available now for Windows 32bit, MacOSX 10.4+, Linux 32bit and Linux 64bit.
• Works with ISL Light remote desktop, ISL AlwaysOn remote access and ISL Groop web conferencing software.
• Playback works faster and recordings can be played smoothly from any time slider position.
• Has an improved speed for scrolling the timeline when playing back a recorded session.
• You can place bookmarks during a recording session.
• The export in .avi format has been redesigned.
• Settings are now saved globally meaning they stay adjusted until manually reset to basic settings.
• Chat window is expandable and can be moved to another position.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with ISL Online session recording, here is a short description I copied from one of my previous posts.

How session recording works
ISL Online has taken the job seriously and developed a special plug-in, downloadable on demand and used for recording sessions, and a unique player called ISL Recording Player, where users can then play back such recordings. Files are written in a special format .isr, whose unique advantage lies in its small size. Nevertheless,.isr files can be easily exported into .avi.

What I like most about the ISL Online recording plug-in is that it actually records everything during a session — desktop sharing, text chat, video streams, and audio communication — while the ISL Recording Player plays them separately although synchronised. It also offers a lot of viewing options, e.g. one can adjust the playback speed to five pre-set possibilities (0.2x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 5x) allowing a quick glance through the recording and also a good insight into important details. Although the ISL Recording Player has been designed to play .isr files only, it boasts something that even most commercial players on the market lack – multi-language support since the interface has been translated into 26 languages (among others, English, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese).

Now, all you have to do is to record your next session, whether remote support, remote access or an online meeting, download the new ISL Recording Player, and play it back just whenever. Enjoy!

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