ISL Light iOS 2.0 Available on the App Store

Remote Access and Support from iPad & iPhone.
Faster. Better. And with a new graphical user interface.

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ISL Light iOS Available on the App Store

What’s New:

  • Redesigned user experience
  • Retina display support
  • Improved performance
  • Mouse modes (locked mouse, free mouse)
  • Full remote keyboard implemented
  • Added option to send SMS invitations
  • Active/inactive session detection

Connect to any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer and control remote desktop. Use the ISL Light app to support clients remotely or access your unattended computers even behind a firewall or a NAT proxy.

Try it for FREE!

  1. Download the ISL Light iOS 2.0 app from the App Store for FREE
  2. Login with your existing ISL Online username and password
  3. If you do not have an account yet, simply sign up for a 15-day free trial

ISL Light iOS Sign Up

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