ISL Groop iOS Offers Total Mobility with Online Meetings on iPhone and iPad

ISL Groop iOS available on the App StoreISL Groop for iOS is out and free for downloading on the App Store! Your favourite online meeting app now indeed enables the whole team to collaborate from anywhere. In terms of mobility, should you be in the back of a taxi or outside with the kids, you can join an online meeting from an iPhone or iPad and actively participate by means of two-way video conferencing given there is an Internet connection.

Video conferencing from your iPhone or iPad with ISL Groop iOS.

Video conferencing from your iPhone or iPad with ISL Groop iOS

Join or host an online meeting
With so much talk about going mobile, the ISL Groop developers put a special effort to offer mobility to executives and their teams. Not only can team members join a meeting on the go, executives can call a meeting from their iPhone or iPad as well. ISL Groop iOS simply lets them create a new meeting and send out email or message invitations to others, who can either join from their iOS mobile device or office computer.

Hosting a meeting on the go
Those of you who have tried hosting an ISL Groop online meeting on a desktop computer know that the vast array of nifty features like desktop and application sharing, easy management of participants, and session recording makes online conferencing a real treat. The feature set in ISL Groop iOS has been deliberately sized down a bit to be more intuitive for mobile users. Nevertheless, its core functionality has stayed the same.

ISL Groop iOS lets you shift between slides, chat and more...

ISL Groop iOS lets you shift between slides, chat and more.

ISL Groop iOS lets you:
– create a new meeting,
– start an existing meeting from the list,
– invite colleagues via email or message,
– meet face-to-face with two-way audio and video,
– view slides and content shared from a desktop computer,
– choose a slide to be used in the meeting,
– chat publicly or privately with individual attendees.

The results? An important productivity tool that lets you collaborate and conference from anywhere and works toward the best meeting experience on the go. Since it’s free to all ISL Online users, I suggest that you and your team members download ISL Groop iOS from the App Store to join the next online meeting from your iPhone. Enjoy!

Press release: Host and Join Meetings from iPhone or iPad with ISL Groop iOS (.pdf)

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