Kick-Start Business Meetings with Cross-Platform Web Conferencing

ISL Groop Web Conferencing app now on AndroidJust 2 months after the iOS release, we are proud to announce that our web conferencing software, ISL Groop, has just become a complete cross-platform solution for businesses. We have introduced support for the last major operating system in line, the Android. ISL Groop now enables businesses to spontaneously conference from anywhere on a device available at the moment (PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, an Android device).

Get ISL Groop for Android for free on Google Play.

Inside a web conference, regardless of the version participants are using – the Windows, Mac, iOS or Android, high quality video conferencing and live content sharing craft a smooth meeting experience. While high-level business meetings require at least one person on a desktop computer to moderate the content of the online event, mobile collaborators can easily create a new meeting, invite people and actively participate through a video conference and text chat.

ISL Groop Web Conferencing from a desktop computer (Win, Mac).

ISL Groop Web Conferencing from a desktop computer (Win, Mac).

ISL Groop’s nifty web conferencing features:
• Hosting and joining an online meeting or a webinar.
• Inviting participants easily via email or message.
• Video conferences.
• Text chats; public and private.
• Sharing an application, a region or the whole desktop (Win, Mac).
• Creating slides from PowerPoint and screen clipping (Win, Mac).
• Interacting on slides with whiteboard tools (Win, Mac).
• Sharing files (Win, Mac).
• Recording meetings (Win, Mac).

Download to get started
ISL Groop for Android on Google Play
ISL Groop for iOS on AppStore
ISL Groop for Windows and Mac (sign up or log in)

9-step guide to hosting a web conference on Android
Let’s take a quick look at the short graphic instructions that will help you master web conferencing on Android. But first, take your mobile and get ISL Groop for Android on Google Play for free.

Step 1 – Sign up, log in: Sign up to create an ISL Online user account (new users) or simply log into your existing account (remember the all-in-one pricing policy?).

Sign up or log in to start using ISL Groop

Step 2 – New meeting: If you are new to ISL Groop, then you’ll find an empty list of meetings when logged in. Create a new meeting by simply clicking on the ‘+’ button.

Create a new online meeting.

Step 3 – Meeting title: Give the new meeting a meaningful title since it will be displayed in the application’s most visible top title bar. Once created, the meeting will be listed under ‘My meetings’ by its title.

Give your online meeting a title and click 'Create'.

Step 4 – Join and invite: To join the meeting, click on its title. You can send invitations to other collaborators inside the application or you can click on the pointer on the right and invite others first.

Easily join the meeting by clicking on its title. Invite others by clicking on the pointer next to the title.

Step 5 – Video conference: Once in a meeting, turn on your camera and microphone to start a video conference with others.

Start a video conference and communicate with your meeting colleagues face to face.

Consider turning your phone to a landscape mode for a bigger view of the participants’ videos and the presentation slide.

Turn your Android device to a landscape mode for a bigger view of videos and the meeting presentation.

Step 6 – Presentation: Follow the presentation content shared from a desktop computer and interact via video conferencing.

Follow the meeting presentation and communicate via video conference.

Step 7 – Library slides: Open the ‘Library’ tab to scroll through all content slides. By clicking on a certain slide you can force it to be used in the meeting presentation.

Scroll through meeting slides and force a slide to be used in the meeting.

Step 8 – Chatting: Open the ‘Chat’ tab for text chatting with other collaborators. You can send a message to everyone (select ‘all’) or to a certain person (select her/him from the list).

Chat publicly or privately with other meeting participants.

Step 9 – Additional options: See additional options by clicking on the button in the top right corner. They will let you switch the camera from front to back, manage participants by muting their audio, open settings and exit the meeting.

Open additional options to switch the camera from front to back, mute participants, open settings or exit the meeting.

That’s it! Enjoy your next web conference and let us know how it went in the comments.

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