Immediate ROI for Call Center Benelux: ISL Online Customer Story

Call Center Benelux logoCall Center Benelux receives over 250,000 phone calls and emails annually, each of them being an emergency call in its own way and needing to be solved as fast as possible. Because the company is bound to an agreement that 80% of all calls should get an answer within 20 seconds, their operators need to troubleshoot fast and flexible.

Call Center Benelux introduced ISL Online as their main online support channel in 2007. Within six months, average service times decreased from 15 minutes to 11 minutes, and that has dropped to about 9 minutes until today. The faster resolution rate has brought better results as fewer staff members take more support calls. If they managed fewer than 100,000 support cases before, they can cope with 250,000 cases annually today with just 6 extra supporters.

François de Leeuwe, General Manager of Call Center Benelux

François de Leeuwe, General Manager of Call Center Benelux

“ROI was completed within the first year of the purchase,” said François de Leeuwe, the managing director of CCBenelux. “It’s also great to see how much our customer satisfaction has increased and an average service time decreased since we introduced ISL Online back in 2007. Not only has ISL Online brought better results to our clients but also to their customers!”

To learn more about Call Center Benelux’s success with ISL Online remote support software, you are welcome to read the full case study (PDF)

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