Smooth Web Conferencing with the New ISL Groop 3.0 Delay-Free Audio

Did you know that you can meet online from practically anywhere and speak with each other in a clear sound voice as if you were all in the same room? In fact, the third generation of ISL Groop offers the best meeting experience in and outside of the office without any delays or echo effects.

Let’s have a look at all improvements ISL Groop 3.0 brings:
– Major audio improvements.
– Easy selfie snapshot.
– New design.
– Better content visualisation.
– Post-webinar surveys.

Major audio improvements
ISL Groop 3.0 has a considerably improved latency and echo cancellation making the meeting experience smooth and delay-free. Regardless where you are joining the meeting from, let that be your PC, Mac, a Linux computer, an Android or an iOS mobile device, the perfected 3.0 audio version lets attendees communicate with each other as if they were in the same room.

Easy selfie snapshot
What’s also new is a small but nice “selfie” snapshot feature that lets users take their profile picture on a countdown. 3, 2, 1, smile for the camera! 🙂

Easy selfie tool in the latest web conferencing software ISL Groop 3.0

New design
ISL Groop 3.0 comes with a new design. The graphical user interface is more intuitive now and looks fresh with the lighter colours, clearer and prettier icons and minimal changes to the menu.

Better content visualisation
What’s more important with regard to the renewed interface is the OpenGL rendering what has been applied to slides in 3.0. When users change viewing modes from presentation to conference or vice versa, switch to full screen or downsize the ISL Groop application, the images and the text on a presentation slide do not get blurred but always remain clear and readable.

Better content visualisation in the newest web conferencing software ISL Groop 3.0

Collect meeting feedback with surveys
Currently available for Server License users only, the newly added post-event surveys will help you wrap up meetings and webinars nicely, and above all, effectively. Surveys will help you collect extremely valuable information on what your audience thinks of your online events and get suggestions for improvement.

Surveys can be easily created from your ISL Online user pages in a fully customisable manner. A user-friendly interface lets you insert your logo and other images, design multiple choice questions by using check boxes and radio buttons, and ask open-ended questions with text boxes.

Collect participants' feedback with a post-webinar survey.

Get ISL Groop 3.0
Users with a valid ISL Online account get the update for free. Visit and start your next online meeting with ISL Groop 3.0. Surely, talk back and let us know what you think.

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