Snowed in? Stay Connected with Remote Work Tools

Snowed in? Picture courtesy of Chicago Tribune.

Snowed in? Picture courtesy of Chicago Tribune.

Due to the powerful, freezing and potentially life threatening wind chills, temperatures expected to drop to a shocking 40 below to even 50 below zero through Monday afternoon, heavy snow fall, and the fact that a state of emergency has been declared in parts of Indiana, it might be wise to stay at home altogether and give those remote work tools finally a fair try. The remote desktop and web conferencing provider ISL Online offers a fully functional free trial, which can easily and without any obligations be extended if the harsh winter conditions continue after the initial free 14-day period expires. Try ISL Online Remote Work for FREE.

One Remote Work Account – Four Solutions
After you create your free account at ISL Online and log in, you can actually use four solutions, all of them enabling efficient remote work. Two of these are currently the most useful considering the crazy weather conditions; one will let you access unattended remote computers from anywhere, say the ones in your office, and the other will let you meet online with co-workers or partners to share screen and video conference from practically any platform and device.

How to Connect to Your Office PC
Here is a quick tutorial in pictures that will get you started with remote access.

After granting access to your office computer, you can easily access it from anywhere from your ISL Online account. It connects effortlessly to and from any computer, works seamlessly with any firewall, and lets you work normally on a remote computer. ISL AlwaysOn works on all major platforms and devices; Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android; at no extra charge.

Meet Online to Share Screen and Video Conference
To avoid traveling in snow blizzards, log in your newly created ISL Online account, select Web Conference, then Add New Meeting, invite others and join it yourself. You can either import slides from a PowerPoint presentation, share screen or create slides with screen clipping and text tools. Enjoy the winter fairy tale from the warmth of your couch. 😉

Meet online to share screen and video conference

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