ISL Light Remote Access App for iPad/iPhone Now Compatible With iOS 7

Access a remote computer from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with ISL Light iOS.Great news for all iPad and iPhone users, ISL Light iOS is now fully iOS 7 compatible and optimized for iPhone 5S. All its power-packed remote access and tech support functionalities are henceforth available for iOS 7 devices. You are welcome to download the newest update from the App Store for free. Talk back and let us know what you think by providing reviews and ranking.

Download ISL Light 3.0 for iPad/iPhone

Easy remote access on the go
ISL Light iOS is one of the best remote access apps for iPad/iPhone that allows you to tap into a remote computer – say, the one in your office – or offer online support to a client, and do just about anything on the local system and use it as though you were actually there.

Quick tour
To learn all about ISL Light’s easy remote support and access from an iPad/iPhone, check out the short tutorial in pictures below or better yet, download the app and see for yourself with a free 15-day free trial.

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