Cannot establish a Connection? (Updated)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have unfortunately detected an issue with the ISL Light application due to a security certificate expiry. You may find you are unable to establish a remote desktop connection.

ISL Online tech team has been working hard to resolve the problem and have already released the update. Please read instructions below how to get the fix.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your understanding.

– When trying to connect with the ISL Light Client application, the connection cannot be established.

Root Cause:
– As described in the Remote Desktop Security Statement, the industry standard X.509 certificates are built in the ISL Light applications. The certificates are used to guarantee authenticity of transmission through the AES 256-Bit End-to-End Encryption tunnel. These certificates, which are built in the ISL Light applications, have expired on March 1, 2014.

– The security of the system has NOT been compromised in any way. However, due to the expired certificate, a connection cannot be established.

– We have already replaced the certificates built in the ISL Light applications and deployed the fixed versions to the ISL Online Network.

SaaS Users:
– If you are still experiencing the connection issues, please Download the latest version of ISL Light Client application and try to connect again.

Server License Users (updated):
You need to update the ISL Conference Proxy. Here are two options how to upgrade the ISL Conference Proxy:

OPTION 1 (update all programs and modules)
• Go to the server running ISL Conference Proxy.
• Open the web administration page: http://localhost:7615/conf.
• Login as user admin.
• Select Online Update and apply all available updates.

OPTION 2 (fix only ISL Light certificate issue)
• Go to server running ISL Conference Proxy.
• Open web administration page: http://localhost:7615/conf.
• Login as user admin.
• Select File Storage and choose Programs.
• Upload this ZIP file and check the “Extract ZIP file“.
• Click Upload button.

Status Update

– You can also follow @enilnolsi on Twitter for technical details.
– If you have difficulties solving the issue, please contact us for support.
– When you solve this urgent issue, you might also be interested in taking a quick look at the next major release of ISL Light 4.0, which we are preparing for you.

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  1. Prue Bame says:

    Excellent, thanks for the release. :))

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