Everything Back to Normal Due to Round-the-Clock Eager Support

Sunday morning started early with something resembling a “mayday” call from our Japanese partners, who discovered the issue in our remote desktop software ISL Light when the rest of us were still sound asleep. A team of the best engineers at ISL Online soon gathered in the headquarters and figured that the issue was hidden in the certificate X.509, which expired at midnight and consequently did not let remote support users connect to their remote computers. While it was immediately clear that the detected certificate issue needed to be fixed as soon as possible, we couldn’t predict how fast our users could get the update to continue their normal remote support tasks, preferably by Monday morning.

Just a few hours after the chilling morning call our technical team prepared an update with a fix. However, switching 150,000 business users to a new version overnight required more than just a fix. A support team of over 50 people with almost all international partners on board took over at noon. They have prepared step-by-step instructions, sent out emails to invite users to perform an immediate update and have been available on all channels.

Our live chat and telephone lines have been quite busy. In the last 24 hours, we have provided support to a lot of Server License users from all over the world and ZERO support requests from SaaS users! Apparently the transition to the updated service went so smoothly because the ISL Light applications on the ISL Online Cloud Network were replaced as soon as the fix was applied on Sunday morning. Since the SaaS users usually save thin client applications to their desktop, which download the latest software available on the network for every single remote desktop session, the recent update hopefully went unnoticed for them.

Anyway, all users who need guidance on the update, please feel free to contact us anytime. We’ll be happy to help! Hopefully you will be as satisfied with the support service as have been David and Jarno, our so-to-be-called advanced users.

David: “So all appears to be working fine now. Please thank your team for their excellent support especially when it must be really busy.”

Jarno: “Thanks again for your support on late Sunday evening.”

I’m proud to say that we are fortunate to have the greatest clients, who show nothing but patience and understanding and are really the best! Thank you again for your trust, we deeply appreciate it! Anyway, the next expiry date of the certificate is 31.12.2028, so keep your fingers crossed that at least one of us remembers the date. 😉 In the meantime, you can take a sneak peek at the next generation of remote desktop software – ISL Light 4.0 beta. Until next time!

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