We’ve redesigned the ISL Online web experience with you in mind

We are proud to present the redesigned ISL Online website! The refreshed website follows the modern flat-design trends as it is not only attractive, easy to navigate and mobile-friendly, but it also has simplified content, and an overall aesthetic appeal. So, finding relevant content or joining a new remote support session is now easier and is just a click, swipe or tap away.

Meet Mico
ISL Online new mascotOur new mascot is obviously a geeky fellow who adores computers, smartphones and IT support. Besides presenting intriguing functionality on the website, Mico also welcomes you to enter Live Chat and ask any questions about ISL Online that have always bothered you, but you have never dared to ask. He will link you with our eager and knowledgeable support and sales team waiting behind the scenes to help you get the right answer. Feel free to click on our Mico whenever he’s available.

Meet Mico - ISL Online's new mascot

Starting a new session
If you’re used to starting a new remote support session from our website, you will probably appreciate the fact that the clients’ ‘Join’ button and the operators’ ‘Log In’ button remain in the top right corner. However, the download client and desk icons are now located on the Remote Support product page. Interested in using ISL Online differently? Read 10 Ways to Start a Remote Desktop Session on our blog.

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Choose the right product to suit your particular needs
A special mobile-friendly webpage, which lists all ISL Online products, has replaced the previous drop-down menu and now gives you quick access to relevant information about remote support, remote access, live chat, online meetings, and the private box. As you probably know, all products except for the Private Box are included in the ISL Online license.

Choose the right remote support product to suit your particular needs

Downloads and help manuals in the main navigation
The two things a new user will probably need: first the software download and then the user help section. Both are now easily accessible in the main navigation.

Download remote support software

Video tutorials
Why read about it when you can watch it? We have prepared a series of short video tutorials to help you learn about ISL Online products the easy way. You’ll find videos for each product – remote support, remote access, live chat and web conferencing, on separate, yet easily switchable webpages. So, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the video tutorials.

Video tutorials for remote desktop control products.

Following your mobile lifestyles, our web designers have made the redesigned website function perfectly on mobile devices as well. If you visit www.islonline.com from your mobile, long scrolling sites, integration with blog and other social media, as well as fast loading will make your browsing really easy.

The redesigned website is mobile-friendly

See how we’ve changed through the years
Since ISL Online’s first launch in 2004, we’ve worked hard to make our website user-friendly and offer relevant content through modern design. From simplifying the way to start a new remote support session, enabling faster site loading, integrating it with social media to making it mobile compliant, and more.

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Anyway, we hope you like it. Let us know in the comments if you do or don’t and why. Thanks!

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