Small summer delights at ISL Online

As ISL Online is a big remote work promoter, some of our team members move regularly to the seaside during the summer months. In order to work, not to slack 24/7 (although that sounds much better, obviously). Well, also for some pleasure, surely, but that’s usually after a successful business day. And while some of us are blogging, coding or preparing invoices from a sunny Croatian island, Italy’s extreme south and a windy Canary island, our office buddies seem to be enjoying life as well. Fresh pictures just arrived revealing an insider view of our traditional summer picnic, which took place last Saturday. What I can make out of the picnic pictures are the following three things: good food, inventive games and a LOT of fun. It almost makes me get on the next bus to go back to the office. Almost. 😉

So, here are some small summer delights at ISL Online. Enjoy!

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