Get them when they least expect it: the best Halloween computer prank can pull off ghost writing even if you’re not in the same room. How? Access their computer...

Who doesn’t love a good scare? Here is a funny prank to get you prepared for Halloween.

One of our favourite Halloween pranks is ghost writing, which works by planting the wireless keyboard and mouse dongle to your victim’s PC, but that means the prank victim needs to be within your range to control their PC inconspicuously from your own desk. Before you try to play a prank on your fed up co-worker, the unlucky sucker who happens to be sitting closest to you, for the fifth consecutive time, here is a little trick that will let you ghost write on your mother’s, wife’s or best friend’s computer.

Remote ghost writing
Assuming you are the computer geek of your lot, and your family and close friends have willingly granted you remote access to their home PCs in case of their regular computer troubles, you can pull off ghost writing even if you’re not in the same room. How? Access their computer when you’re 100% sure they are not using it. Perhaps the best time to do that is late evening or early morning. Make sure you minimise the remote access app on their PC, so that the desktop looks as normal as on any other day. When your victim sits behind that computer, use the keyboard or the mouse at random intervals to make it seem haunted. You can keep things subtle by moving the mouse a little bit here, giving a few random keys there or you can just go full swayze and start typing unearthly messages from beyond the grave.

Have fun and please let us know in the comments how the prank went.

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