Tighter security in ISL Online convinces the leading vendor of secure connection technologies

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In the battle to keep your personal information private, it’s not just hackers, there is also insider misuse and human errors that harm systems and expose data. As remote access could lead to potential data breaches, ISL Online addresses remote desktop security extremely seriously. In 2014 alone, more than five updates were security-related, all aiming to minimise anything from technical risks to software misuse. The latest update tightens the remote access security even more since it’s based on the findings of three external audits and penetration tests.

ISL Online guarantees maximum security with top industry-standard security technologies: AES 256 Bit End-to-end Encryption.

(Source: ISL Online remote desktop software’s security statement. http://www.islonline.com)

Recently performed by a Belgian and a German independent IT security organisations, the three security audits and penetration tests reveal that ISL Online is a generally trustworthy service and provides a very strong level of security. “We are proud to report that our remote desktop software has passed all three penetration tests,” said Jure Pompe, CEO of ISL Online. “Although tests revealed a few minor security issues, our developers responded immediately and resolved all identified issues in a new update.”

The leading vendor of secure connection technologies, LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH, who has performed two security audits of the enterprise remote desktop solution as part of their internal testing to assign a security level to the software in use, recognised ISL Online’s efforts for strong security: “Overall, the XLAB ISL Online Team responded fast to the security issues reported and remedied them as quickly as possible.” LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH, who have also been a satisfied user of ISL Online since 2010, concluded in their report that they continue to trust and use the software with great confidence: “LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH will continue to use ISL Online with the confidence that security is considered to be an important topic at XLAB (ISL Online headquarters)”.

Server License users are welcome to upgrade
SaaS (Hosted Service) users have been switched to the latest security update automatically, while self-hosted (Server License) users are welcome to upgrade to the newest ISL Conference Proxy 4.1, which addresses and fixes all security weaknesses from the reports.

Upgrade Server License (how to)
ISL Conference Proxy 4.1 (release info)

About ISL Online
For enterprises, ISL Online is the go-to solution for secure remote computer access, fast remote support, live chats and web conferencing. It empowers Konica Minolta, Raiffeisen Bank, Mitsubishi Electric, Bahrain Telecom, Coca Cola and over 200,000 businesses in 100 countries to perform efficient remote tech assistance, share screen and enjoy interactive online presentations and meetings over the Internet. Cross-platform, secure, customisable, SaaS or self-hosted.

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