Prepare to do battle

It was 2 to 4 in the afternoon. Both sides, yellow and green – the “geeks” and the “muscles”, were hiding in a thick bush at the foothills of one of the highest mountains in the Slovenian Alps. An enemy was behind a big tree picking out any of my team-mates who took courage to advance. Somebody had to make a move. It was me. Being the head of the geek team I had to make a sacrifice to save the rest of my team. I ran out as quickly as I could, passed the tree and sprayed a round after round onto the chest of the rascal behind the tree. Yeah, I got hit, but my team won afterwards. Even though a few team members ended up with a few cuts and bruises, winning the game felt like nothing before. And that was just a friendly game of paintball.

Planning our corporate picnic after almost a week of constant rain, we all felt relieved when woken up into a sunny Sunday morning on the day of the picnic. We’d done a lot of things so far – kayaking, canoeing, go-karting, football matches and more, but this year we had decided to go for a nice game of paintball, hiking in the beautiful mountains surrounding the place, playing cards, dancing and good food, obviously. Fast forward to today, the picnic was a success. Everyone had a blast, enjoying themselves in various sports activities and having a good time in great company.

Finally, here are some photos from our picnic. Enjoy!

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