ISL Light ready for Windows 10

Although the most widely used OS is still Windows 7 with a 60.75% market share, followed by Windows 8.1 with a mere 13.09% and the still popular Windows XP at 11.74%, Windows 10 is here and hitting the world attention. After carrying out thorough performance tests of the ISL Light remote desktop software on the largely anticipated OS, we are proud to announce full compatibility with Windows 10.

ISL Light remote desktop app is rteady for Windows 10

Is ISL Light ready for Windows 10?
Yes, absolutely. For those eager to switch to Windows 10, ISL Light remote support and remote access are ready to handle the new OS, making the migration for your business easier. Feel free to use it on Windows 10 carefree for your daily remote support, access and remote maintenance operations. There are no updates required.

Download ISL Light

Tip for today: upgrading Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 remotely
Upgrading remote computers to Windows 10 has been made easy with ISL Light. When connected, you will be able to start, monitor and control the remote computer throughout the upgrade, except during the time when Windows is copying the new files. Once Windows boots up again, the connection will be automatically re-established enabling you to finish the upgrade.

To avoid losing the remote connection during multiple restarts, make sure to activate the “Restart and Resume” function in the ISL Light remote support application (Tools -> Administrative mode -> Enable -> Enable Restart and Resume), otherwise automatically enabled in ISL Light remote access (ISL AlwaysOn).

Stay productive with your favourite remote desktop software and enjoy your new OS. For more information about Windows 10, please visit the Microsoft website.

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