Get the most for your buck: remote desktop software that won’t disappoint

Get the most for your buck: remote desktop software that won’t disappointChoosing the right product is not an easy task. The more alternatives there are, the more cautious you should be not to fall for the numerous tricks businesses use to get you on board. It’s not uncommon to start a new service at a reasonably low price but end up paying a lot of extras over the years. We all know ‘life-time’ licence that turns out not to be life-time at all by the time of the next upgrade. Or the expensive but much needed extra functionality and mobile editions added to the initial basic application, etc.

However, there are still vendors that play it fair, ISL Online being one of them. ISL Online pricing policy has always been a straightforward one with prices and quantity discounts freely available in the online shop. While the prices might not be on the low-end, ISL Online is still the most cost effective remote desktop support software on the market. Let me show you why.

One licence. Multiple products.
First of all, ISL Online is a complete All-in-One remote support solution for desktop and mobile devices. With All-in-One, ISL Online is absolutely serious that everything is included in the price. You’ll get fully functional remote support software for spontaneous help to remote clients, remote access software for troubleshooting and maintaining unattended remote computers, while also live chat software for closer engagement with your customers.

Concurrent sessions licensing
Second of all, its licensing is totally straightforward and easy to understand. ISL Online charges only the number of concurrent sessions – that is the number of sessions active at the same time. For example, if you purchase three licences, you and your teammates can connect to three remote devices at the same time. If you purchase five licences, then five devices at the same time, and so on.

ISL Online conurrent licensing is user friendly

Unlimited installation, technicians and remote devices
Thirdly, there is no additional charge per technician, per workstation, per host or any other costs for that matter. Other than paying for the number of concurrent connections you need, you can use the software without other limits. Therefore, feel free to access any remote device; apart from that anyone in your company can use the software either on desktop computers or mobile devices.

Mobile apps included
Yes, you got that right, the price even includes all the mobile apps. And it gets even better. The live chat software can actually be installed and used on every computer without any limits.

Multi-session option upgrades subscription with unlimited concurrent sessions
Additionally, you can even add a multi-session option to your current subscription, which will enable your team to run multiple simultaneous sessions from one device. Let’s say, if your company has three concurrent licences and the multi-session enabled, then any three operators of the team can work at the same time and even take on multiple support cases as the multi-session option allows more sessions from the same device at the same time. While that’s perfect for filling out the much needed extra concurrent sessions during peak hours, it costs only about a third of the initial subscription price.

Easy-to-use cloud service guarantees excellent performance
When selecting a hosting plan, most businesses go for the comfortable cloud-based Hosted Service. It’s the easiest to use, secure, and works anywhere 24/7/365 with an amazing average uptime of 99.98% over the past 5 years. As the professional ISL Online team takes care of the cloud performance and software upgrades, the Hosted Service users concentrate on their work rather than software maintenance and pay a yearly subscription fee in return. Compare Hosted Service plans.

ISL Online SaaS guarantees 99.95% uptime

Server Licence offers total privacy, independence and control
On the other hand, some businesses prefer privacy, total independence and complete control. These users favour the self-hosted alternative called Server Licence, where they install ISL Online on their own server and maintain it, including the updates. Consequently, all sessions are hosted on their own server and all data kept private in a closed corporate environment. If you decide to purchase the self-hosted option, you’ll be charged an initial price plus an optional but highly recommended 15% yearly fee for the updates. Compare Server Licence plans.

Server Licence offers total privacy, independence and control

Convinced that ISL Online truly offers the most for the price? If not yet, you are welcome to watch this short video that sums up ISL Online’s amazing licensing in just two minutes.

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