Web meetings on the iPhone just got a lot better with ISL Groop iOS 2.0

ISL Groop for iOS gets a makeoverISL Online, an enterprise remote desktop software provider, released today an updated version of its ISL Groop iOS app, which enhances user experience of the simple cross-platform web conferencing app also on iPhones. The app has been completely redesigned, its audio and video conferencing improved, its performance optimised for iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iOS 7 and later, while it also fixes a sizable list of small quibbles.

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What ISL Groop provides is a platform for spontaneously organised conferences from anywhere on a device available at the moment. Teammates can meet online face to face through simple video calling, screen sharing, PowerPoint slides, easy file exchange, and text chatting. Since the application has been designed with a business user in mind, it also offers business related functionality like session recording, detailed reporting, maximum security, a possibility of integrating via API, 30+ translations of the user interface, and a complete cross-platform performance on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android devices. ISL Groop iOS 2.0 is available on the App Store.

ISL Groop offers a long list of nifty web conferencing features:
• Hosting and joining an online meeting or a webinar.
• Inviting participants easily via email or message.
• Video conferencing.
• Text chatting; public and private.
• Sharing an application, a region or the whole desktop (available on Win, Mac).
• Creating slides from PowerPoint and screen clipping (Win, Mac).
• Interacting on slides with whiteboard tools (Win, Mac).
• Sharing files (Win, Mac).
• Recording meetings (Win, Mac).

Enhanced audio and video conferencing
ISL Groop iOS 2.0 implements a brand-new audio and video library, which considerably enhances communication between the meeting attendees making it run even more smoothly. Mobile teams can now more easily join an online meeting from anywhere provided there is an Internet connection, and speak with each other in a clear-sound voice as if they were all in the same room.

Front and back camera switchingFront and back camera streaming
Video conferencing during online meetings runs now even more smoothly and spontaneously through the newly added back camera streaming as well as the classic front camera streaming. Attendees can thus simply switch between the front and the back camera making meetings more interesting and video conferencing easier.

Redesigned user interface
The latest web conferencing iOS app comes in lighter colours, more closely matching the design of its sister app for accessing attended and unattended remote devices ISL Light. Thanks to the new design, the app has also become more intuitive due to improved graphics, while it also adds new buttons for easier management of online meetings.

ISL Groop 2.0 brings a redesigned user interface

ISL Groop 2.0 brings a redesigned user interface

ISL Groop 2.0 brings a redesigned user interface

ISL Groop 2.0 brings a redesigned user interface

Enhanced performance
The latest ISL Groop 2.0 solves past issues by starting the app through the URI scheme, so now all Hosted Service and Server License users can easily join a meeting just by clicking on an invitation link. The app should also perform considerably better on all newer iOS mobile devices as we have much improved support for the 64-bit ARM architecture. Besides, the app also brings better compatibility with iOS 7 and later, support for larger screens in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+, and fixes a sizable list of small quibbles.

Find more information about the release in the release info.

Get ISL Groop iOS on the App Store.Free download
You and your team members are welcome to get the latest web conferencing app ISL Groop 2.0 on the App Store for free.

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