Keyboard shortcuts for Android remote desktop

For those of you already using the latest ISL Light Android Remote Desktop app released two weeks ago (read blog), here are a few useful keyboard shortcuts to help you control a remote Android mobile device faster.

A few useful keyboard shortcuts to help you control a remote Android mobile device faster

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows users
Windows users, accessing a remote Android to provide technical support, can open the Home screen on the mobile device simply by pressing the HOME key on their computer keyboard. Additionally, scrolling back to the previous screen equals the CTRL + HOME shortcut, while opening the Menu requires pressing the keys CTRL + SHIFT + HOME together.

Keyboard shortcuts for Mac users
Mac users, on the other hand, use the FN + LEFT ARROW keyboard shortcut for opening the Home screen. Scrolling back to the previous screen is performed with a combination of CTRL + FN + LEFT ARROW, while the shortcut to open the Menu is CTRL + SHIFT + FN + LEFT ARROW.

Standard gestures
Aside from using the mentioned shortcuts to the Android buttons for Menu, Home and Back, interacting with a remote Android through the ISL Light remote control software runs on standard gestures.
• To access notifications, you should click on the top of the screen and slide your cursor down.
• To close notifications, hold your click and slide your cursor back up the screen.
• To scroll between different home screens, hold your click and slide your cursor across the screen to the right or left depending on the side you wish to scroll to.

Update to get the benefits
For those of you who haven’t updated their ISL Light Remote Desktop app for Android yet, here are a few benefits that might convince you to do so. In short, what ISL Light provides is secure remote support functionality enabling tech reps to efficiently assist attended and unattended remote computers with IT issues. One license allows one concurrent session on any device running either Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS or Android. On the other hand, clients or the people receiving remote support use the software free of charge.

Use standard gestures and keyboard shortcuts to efficiently control a remote Android.

Now, back to the highlights of the latest ISL Light Remote Desktop app for Android. When accessing a remote Android device, the benefits are the following.

• Real-time screen sharing for all Android 5.0+ devices.
• Remote control of Samsung devices.
• Automatic screenshot sharing for other Android 4.2.2 devices.
• Text chatting.
• Visual pointers.
• Portrait and landscape mode.
• AES 256-Bit SSL security.

Free download
Download Remote Access App on Google PlayYou and your mobile clients are welcome to get the latest ISL Light Remote Desktop app for Android 3.0 from Google Play. When controlling a remote Android, don’t forget the keyboard shortcuts and standard gestures which will make your support much easier.

Download ISL Light for Android for FREE

If you don’t own an ISL Online account, you are welcome to sign up and try ISL Online Remote Desktop with all including mobile apps.

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